4 September 1848: Birthday of Jennie Lee, American actress (d. 1925) (Source)

Circa 1870s portrait of American stage and screen actress Jennie Lee (1848 -1925) taken by Marc Gambier (1838-1900). (Source)

Mary Jane Lee (September 4, 1848 – August 5, 1925), known professionally as Jennie Lee, was an American actress of the stage and screen.

Lee appeared in 58 films between 1912 and 1924, working especially in character parts under the directors John Ford and D. W. Griffith. She began her stage career at age nine and went on to support such actors as John Edward McCullough, Joseph Jefferson, Edwin Booth, and Helena Modjeska.[1] She and her husband, actor William Courtright, appeared together in Griffith’s Intolerance (1916). Incontestably, Lee’s most famous portrayal was that of servant Mammy in The Birth of a Nation (1915), a role she played in blackface. Another notable performance of the actress occurs in Lloyd Ingraham‘s A Child of the Paris Streets, in which she portrays Madame Dufrane. (Source)

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