18 September 1933: Birthday of Jimmie Rodgers, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Source)

Publicty photo of musician/singer Jimmie Rodgers from a guest appearance on the television program Kraft Music Hall, 1968 – photo by NBC Television (Source)

James Frederick “Jimmie” Rodgers (September 18, 1933 – January 18, 2021)[1] was an American singer and actor. Rodgers had a run of hits and mainstream popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. His string of crossover singles ranked highly on the Billboard Pop Singles, Hot Country and Western Sides, and Hot Rhythm and Blues Sides charts; in the 1960s, Rodgers had more modest successes with adult contemporary music.

He is not directly related to the earlier country singer Jimmie C. Rodgers (1897–1933), who died the same year the younger Rodgers was born. Among country audiences, and in his official songwriting credits, the younger Rodgers, Jimmie Frederick, is often credited as Jimmie F. Rodgers to differentiate the two. (Source)

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