On this Day: October 15, 1925 | Birthday of Tony Hart

15 October 1925: Birthday of Tony Hart, English painter and television host (d. 2009) (Source)

Tony Hart – © youtube.com

Norman Antony Hart (15 October 1925 – 18 January 2009)[1][2][3] was an English artist, best known for his work in educating children in art through his role as a children’s television presenter.

Hart initially worked as an officer in a Gurkha regiment until the start of Indian independence. After this he became involved in children’s television from the 1950s, working on BBC’s Blue Peter for a few years before fronting a series of children’s art programmes, including Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat.

His contributions to children’s television include the design of the ship logo used by Blue Peter and the show’s badges, and the animated character of Morph, who appeared beside him on his programmes following his introduction in the 1970s. (Source)

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