6 May 2014: Death of Maria Lassnig, Austrian painter and academic (b. 1919) (Source)

Maria Lassnig in her studio on Avenue B, New York, 1974, the painting “Doppelselbstporträt mit Kamera” (Double Self-Portrait with Camera), 1974, in the background. Archive of the Maria Lassnig Foundation – Author: Maria Lassnig (Source)

Maria Lassnig (8 September 1919 – 6 May 2014) was an Austrian artist known for her painted self-portraits and her theory of “body awareness”.[1] She was the first female artist to win the Grand Austrian State Prize in 1988 and was awarded the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 2005.[2][3] Lassnig lived and taught in Vienna from 1980 until her death. (Source)

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