9 January 2014: Paul du Toit, South African painter and sculptor (b. 1965) (Source)

Paul du Toit in 2005 – Author: Planetpaul at English Wikipedia (Source)

Paul Johan du Toit (31 October 1965 – 9 January 2014) was a South African artist, working in painting, sculpture, paper and mixed media. His exhibits have been displayed globally. Most notably, three of his sculptures were selected for the 2001 Florence Biennale.

Among the many awards he has received is a medal from the city of Florence in the Biennale Internationale Dell’arte Contemporanea. He was nominated for the Daimler Chrysler Sculpture Award of 2002. Paul was recently invited to work with former president Nelson Mandela and international musicians on the 46664 campaign. (Source)

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