24 December 1596: Birthday of Leonaert Bramer, Dutch painter (died 1674) (Source)

Portrait of Leonard Bramer in Cornelis de Bie’s Gulden Cabinet – Artist: Antony van der Does (1609-1680) (Source)

Leonaert Bramer, also Leendert or Leonard (24 December 1596 – 10 February 1674 (buried)),[1] was a Dutch painter known primarily for genre, religious, and history paintings. Very prolific as a painter and draftsman, he is noted especially for nocturnal scenes which show a penchant for exotic details of costume and setting.[2] He also painted frescos—a rarity north of the Alps—which have not survived, as well as murals on canvas, few of which are extant.[3] Bramer is one of the most intriguing personalities in seventeenth-century Dutch art. (Source)

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