23 December 1989: Birthday of Liis Koger, Estonian painter and poet (Source)

Liis Koger – photo by Alar Raudoja – 08.01.2014 (Source)

Liis Koger (born December 23, 1989 in Pärnu) is an Estonian painter and poet based in Tallinn.


City Lights on Us. 2013. Oil on canvas

The Player of Light. 2013. Oil on canvas

Koger graduated from Pärnu Sütevaka High School Of Humanities. She has studied Psychology and Theology at University of Tartu and graduated University of Tartu in 2013 with a BA degree in Painting, Fine Arts.[2]


Paintings by Koger are being shown in public spaces like The Parliament Of Estonia in Toompea, Tallinn, and the Institute Of Mathematical Statistics in Tartu. Her works have also been reproduced for different magazines like HESA Inprint in Finland,[3] Akadeemia in Estonia[4] and used in record designs like Ensemble RESONABILIS “North Wind, South Wind” longplayer. (Source)

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