12 April 1956: Birthday of Herbert Grönemeyer, German singer-songwriter and actor (Source)

1LIVE Krone 2014 in der Bochumer Jahrhunderthalle: Herbert Grönemeyer auf dem roten Teppich – Author: © Superbass / CC-BY-SA-4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons) (Source)

Herbert Arthur Wiglev Clamor Grönemeyer (born 12 April 1956) is a German singer, musician, producer, composer and actor, popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Grönemeyer starred as war correspondent Lieutenant Werner in Wolfgang Petersen‘s 1981 film Das Boot, but later focused on his musical career. His fifth album 4630 Bochum (1984) and his 11th album Mensch (2002) are the third and first best-selling records in Germany respectively, making Grönemeyer the most successful artist in Germany with combined album sales over 13 million. (Source)

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