At the end of 2021 I would like to write in big letters: NEVER LOOK BACK. 2021 seems to me like a bad dream, a nightmare in which we are still in. Covid-19, Corona, lockdown, curfew, incidences, vaccinations, booster vaccinations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omicron – the ABC of terror.

We know the bible story of Lot’s wife. When she looked back to the burning Sodom, she became a pillar of salt. When we look back to 2021 and see only Covid, to us may happen the same, metaphorically speaking. You can literally become paralyzed by your inner fear, too discouraged to go on optimistically in the new year that lies ahead of us. A couple of days ago, we celebrated Christmas. A feast grounded on an event in the past, over 2000 years ago.

Besides the “Power of Now” (Eckhart Tolle) we are part of history. Today we know, that everything is connected with everything. That is also valid, when you look at history. Who we are today is determined through our ancestors and the history of our countries. Sometimes I’m tired to think about the Holocaust and the dark past of Nazi-Germany. Can we not simply close that chapter of history? Hasn’t everybody in Germany now finally understood, what grave crimes against humans and human dignity were committed then by Germany? Haven’t we now after all these years of education, movies, speaking with victims, haven’t we came to terms with the past? No, we will never come to terms with the past. We will never forget.

I can’t tell you how ashamed I am to live in Dresden, the birthplace of neo-Nazi Pegida. As teenager, I thought, maybe if I had lived in the Third Reich, I could understand, why people acted that way. But now seeing this sprouting of Nazism right beside me, knowing people in flesh and blood, who adore Adolf Hitler and his ideas, I can’t understand, and I never will. And I’m also unable to understand the “Querdenker” movement and anti-vaxxers, who partially walk side by side with Neo-Nazis against vaccination and Covid restrictions. Everybody knows and sees the deep impact of Covid in society on our health care, sees the disturbing pictures of suffocating of mostly unvaccinated people in intensive care, and still act according to crazy inner patterns against reason. Let me say that last year something in me like faith or trust in the human reason has been broken. When you can’t reasonably talk with people… that’s very bad and dangerous.

Isn’t it funny how the subconsciousness works? When I started this article, I intended to write something motivational, to go with a positive attitude in the new year. But look where we are now! But at least “I was authentic” :-)). Now, after letting off steam, I feel already better.

Do you know the motto (Jahreslosung) of the bible for 2022? It’s from John:
Jesus says: “They who come to me, I will in no way throw out.” (John 6:37 – WEB)

Stay healthy on body and soul. God bless You, my friends!

Yours Volker

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