I miss Angela Merkel – Volker Schunck

Besuch Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel im Rathaus Köln (Visit by Chancellor Angela Merkel in Cologne City Hall ), 2019 – Author: Raimond Spekking (Source)

Angela Merkel was German Chancellor from 2005 to 2021. Her successor Olaf Scholz is only after 2 months a big disappointment to a majority of German citizens.

This shows this screenshot of a Civey – survey on spiegel.de.

The first question asked in December 2021: Will Olaf Scholz be a good Federal Chancellor? Yes: 49 % – No: 32 %.

The second question asked in  February 2022: Was Olaf Scholz as far a good Federal Chancellor? Yes: 22 % – No: 63 %.


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06.02.2022, Brandenburg, Schönefeld: Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD) lächelt im Airbus A340 der Luftwaffe auf dem Weg nach Washington zu mitreisenden Journalisten. Scholz reist zu seinem Antrittsbesuch in die USA. Dort trifft er US-Präsident Biden im Weißen Haus. Foto: Kay Nietfeld/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++ – © spiegel.de

I by myself am not disappointed at all. I never expected anything of him. Although I’ve started to find him friendly in the last two months, and he seems to me to be a nice fella, I didn’t vote for him. I find it very important to vote, and I think it’s a great privilege to live in a Democracy where you have an influence on who reigns you, which many people in other countries haven’t. But the other candidate “Armin Laschet” from the CDU was still worse. So I voted this time not at all.

It’s always said that in politics it’s all about the program or content which the party represents. But in my opinion, that’s not quite true. It’s also about the person, which presents the party and its program. If you have a weak Chancellor, of what use is the best program, when he is not strong enough to bring it through? What a good chancellor needs, we see on Helmut Kohl and Angela Merkel. Foremost, personality, social competence and the ability to communicate; also assertiveness and initiative. When you look at the management of the Corona crisis – thank God we have Karl Lauterbach – the bad communication and his seemingly indecision around the vaccination mandate is obvious. When you look at the lack of leadership during the Ukraine conflict, thank God we have Emmanuel Macron, and his hesitant and shy acting on the world stage of politics, Olaf Scholz seems not to be the right Chancellor for Germany at all. He doesn’t know how to sell himself. How ridiculous was the information about the support of the Ukrainian army with 5000 helmets. Now after a week or so, we get to know that Germany is one of the greatest supporters of the Ukraine in the NATO – BAD communication!

I have the feeling that we have no Chancellor at all! As if there were a gap on the top of Germany. It may sound ridiculous, but I feel insecure and lonely in this important time of the Corona crisis and the Ukraine conflict. I really miss Angela Merkel! Her mistake was, not to build up an appropriate successor. Another mistake was Nordstream 2, which makes us dependent on Vladimir Putin. But Angela Merkel knew how to handle him. Olaf Scholz seems not to know, but let us wait for his visit in Moscow next week (February 15). (Volker Schunck)


I am Volker Schunck and live in Dresden, Germany. First I was an industrial clerk, then I studied theology. Through my engagement with Zen, I became aware of the Christian mysticism. Meanwhile, I go my own way. For me, faith is not a world-view but a being. It is important to me, not to live lost in thought but aware and intensely. For me, this also includes careful handling of other people. The NVC (Nonviolent Communication), which I learned during my training as a mediator, helps me with this.

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