How many soldiers are in a troop? (

Troop usually refers to Cavalry (Main Battle Tank) a troop will generally consist of 4 tanks each with a crew of 4 so 16 men to a Troop consisting of Troopers, NCO’s and 1 officer or Senior NCO as troop leader in a Squadron there are 4 sabre troops and Squadron Headquarters consisting of 2 Tanks for OC Squadron leader & 2nd in Command, so overall generally there will be 3 or 4 Sabre troops and SHQ so 14 to 18 MBT’s per Squadron this is from my own experience as a Tankie from 1976 to 85 things have changed since then I’m sure at that time there were 4 Sabre Squadrons and HQ Squadron which would have 2 MBT’s for the CO of the Regiment and 2nd in command and a lot of logistical staff, is that enough? Reconnaissance Regiments would be structured differently I suspect.¬† (


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