Hello my Friends!

Hello my friends,

an hour ago, I upgraded my web hosting package at my host Strato to ensure a further smooth operating of driftersday.com. But this costs money. If you blog by yourself, you know, how important storage is.

A few months ago, I had to delete a lot of my content, because I was at my storage limit. I didn’t want to do that again, therefore the upgrade. When you go to the bottom of my page, you see how you can support my work with your PayPal donation.

Thanks a lot for your help!

All the best, Volker



I am Volker Schunck and live in Dresden, Germany. First I was an industrial clerk, then I studied theology. Through my engagement with Zen, I became aware of the Christian mysticism. Meanwhile, I go my own way. For me, faith is not a world-view but a being. It is important to me, not to live lost in thought but aware and intensely. For me, this also includes careful handling of other people. The NVC (Nonviolent Communication), which I learned during my training as a mediator, helps me with this.

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