From Alpha to Omicron – Volker Schunck | My Opinion

I nearly feel speechless facing the new situation with the Omicron variant. Or better let’s say: Facing the old situation again. It feels like the first appearance of Covid-19, when we were surprised by an unknown virus without any means against it. Now almost two years later we are haggard by lockdowns, social restrictions and the grief about all those beloved, which we had to sacrifice to Covid-19. And a dark, long and cold winter (here in Germany and elsewhere) lies ahead of us. But the situation may not be that dark as it may seem to be at first sight. A lot has happened in the last two years. Not only that we now have vaccines against Covid-19, but I think we have developed certain skills to deal with it.

When I remember the first months I had to wear a mask, I hardly could breathe and the steaming of my glasses was nearly unbearable for me. Meanwhile wearing a mask is somehow normal and I’m hardly disturbed or really annoyed of it, because now it’s an accustomed habit. And there are other things, which we may have learned, like dealing with loneliness and to appreciate the contact to other people.

We are altogether in this. Altogether means not only my neighbors and the city I live in, but my country and the WHOLE world. The whole world has to stick together to survive. That’s a great lesson we have been taught by the virus in the last two years. Isn’t it terrible, there is no place else to go to escape the virus?! Now we know how it feels, when everything is at stake. Covid-19 sounds to me like a big warning against climate change and global warming, because here is really no way out.

We have and we are only one world. Everything is connected with everything. I’m happy to be vaccinated 3 times and I don’t feel guilty about it, because the WHO spoke a few weeks ago against the booster vaccination in the industrial countries. It’s not only necessary to protect myself and my next but also to reduce the spreading of Covid. But that’s not only essential for the industrial countries but also for the developing countries. Our western scientists speak of a vaccination-quote of 80 to 90 percent to be good protected in our countries against Covid. But we have to stop to divide the world in industrial and developing countries, when we want to fight the virus successfully. Unless the whole world is vaccinated, nobody is save, because the virus is able to transform to more dangerous variants.

I don’t want to end without a few sentences of hope.

If you are not vaccinated and there are vaccines available in your country, don’t hesitate to get your 3 shots. Scientists say regarding to Omicron, that being vaccinated is the best protection against the virus we currently can get. If the protection is not good enough against the new mutant, Pfizer / Biontech has announced to be able to adapt the vaccine in 100 days to Omicron. Isn’t that great!

You know me as a Christian. When I wrote the headline of this article: “From Alpha to Omicron” I suddenly was reminded of the phrase “Alpha and Omega” in the biblical Revelation, which is there used as an expression for Jesus, who was at the beginning and who will be at the end, that means: Jesus is eternal and every time present. We have nothing to fear, even if the worst may happen. (Volker Schunck)

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