For over six months, firstly with Bazille and then alone, Monet made the most of the charms of the Normandy coastline, producing a huge range of paintings from nature. He stayed in Honfleur, rising at dawn to seek out fresh subjects which he painted until evening. The Saint Siméon farm, represented on the left of the picture, is located on the road between Honfleur and Trouville. For several generations many painters (including Daubigny, Corot and Courbet) had spent time there, and so it became a recurring theme. In this case however, Monet is primarily interested in snow and its effects: ‘We noticed a foot-warmer, then an easel, and then a gentleman, wrapped tightly in three jackets, wearing gloves and a half-frozen expression: it was Monsieur Monet, studying the effects of snow.’ (Journal du Havre). Cart on the Snow Covered Road with Saint-Simeon Farm, 1865, Claude Monet (Source)

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