When you go to My Gallery you can see all the paintings, which I’ve drawn over the last months. You could get the impression, seeing some paintings, that I’m making progress. Or that you may think the “better” paintings are from a later period of my painting “career”. But that’s not true. The paintings that seem to be better, because the proportions or the nose is better drawn (funny, the mouth is always easy for me), are those where I used a pencil before, with a lot of erasing. Then I fill the motive with color. Actually I feel not creative at all doing so. It’s for me like painting-by-numbers. If I showed you the photo, which serves me as model for a painting, you would only notice a vague similarity according to the posture.

I saw the last weeks a lot of YouTube videos about painting. They really freaked me out sometimes, how perfect these painters are able to make their drawings and paintings look like the original. Sometimes I found these paintings a bit boring and without life and personality, too perfect. When I make a painting with a pencil drawing before, it doesn’t feel authentic to me. Painting free-hand, the model gets vivid for me and I paint how it seems to be fitting to the first strokes I made. So the model or motive steps into life. That’s the way I feel creative and free, unlocked from the dictate of reality. (Volker Schunck)

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