About my new Watercolor Paper – Volker Schunck

I used for this painting a different paper, which I bought today in the Gerstäcker Store here in Dresden. The experienced shop assistant recommended this relatively cheap paper from Centenaire. These are its characteristics: 100 % Cotton, Mould made, Tub and surface sized, Acid free. I bought a block with 20 papers, 300 g/m2, 31 X 41 cm. The block is glued on 4 sites. To get the paper off the block you need a bone folder (Falzbein). It’s use was a bit tricky and I accidentally lifted two papers instead of the one with the painting.

Centenaire – © gerstaecker.de


Bone folder (Falzbein) – © gerstaecker.de

When you click the images, you come to gerstaecker.de. This Is my favorite art store in Dresden, where you get some good purchase advice. I like being in this large factory building with its high interiors. They have art exhibited on different places and play sometimes cool Jazz Music. The shop assistants are very competent and friendly. It’s also a place, where you can meet interesting other customers.

Saying this, I want you to know, that I get no money for this recommendation. But back to business.

You know that I’m a beginner in watercolor painting. First I painted only on cheap paper, also from Gerstaecker, to save money. You know the results. I don’t link this paper, because it’s no good. The block with 100 papers costs round about 13 Euro in 24 X 32 cm, 200 g/m2 . T

The Centenaire in the described quality, costs twice as much. But it’s a big mistake to save money by buying cheap paper. It makes waves, when you really use a bit more water, which is actually key in watercolor. Now I have to learn the behavior of the color in connection to the new paper, totally new. I had with this painting the first time an idea, how it really could be to paint with watercolor. I couldn’t use enough water on the old, cheap paper, because the surface made waves and dissolved. I’m very excited how the new paper will influence my watercolor paintings. (Volker Schunck)




I am Volker Schunck and live in Dresden, Germany. First I was an industrial clerk, then I studied theology. Through my engagement with Zen, I became aware of the Christian mysticism. Meanwhile, I go my own way. For me, faith is not a world-view but a being. It is important to me, not to live lost in thought but aware and intensely. For me, this also includes careful handling of other people. The NVC (Nonviolent Communication), which I learned during my training as a mediator, helps me with this.

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